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Cultural Rupestrian Heritage in the Circum Mediterranean Area

Common Identity - New perspective

Universitas Florentina



Knowledge, Conservation and Improvement of HAbitat RUpestrian MEditerranean

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The CRIMA-CINP project will contribute to promote the Mediterranean rupestrian culture as an important element of the wider European culture. The promotion activity will work on two levels: the level of the scientific and academic field (meeting, workshop) and the wider level of the cultural and political institutions and citizens (cultural products) of the five States involved in the project and, indirectly, of the whole European Union.

The cooperation among experts and researchers in different fields will contribute to the exchange of information and research techniques in five Mediterranean countries where, even if characterized by different styles, the rupestrian culture has been developed.

The exchange involves both highly qualified researchers coming from the universities and local experts with a specific knowledge of the settlement and of the local culture. The project will produce a profitable exchange of skills to define an innovative and interdisciplinary method of study and comparison among the different case of study on cave habitat in the Mediterranean Area finalized to the sustainable development of the places in touristic key.

The exchange will be a useful base to carry on studies about the rupestrian settlements in the involved States, recovering in this way an important heritage of the Mediterranean and European culture.

The dissemination of the project results among cultural and political institutions and citizens will contribute to spread the knowledge about rupestrian settlements - often ignored by the non-experts - among a wider audience. On this matter, CHRIMA-CINP proposes an innovative and interesting way to promote a multi-faced cultural phenomenon, integrating scientific researches with communication tools such as animations, 3D images and WEB-GIS, which can reach and stimulate the interest of non-expert people.

The project will increase in the Mediterranean people the intercultural dialogue and the awareness of being part of a common culture, which is gaining today new interest because of its balanced and sustainable relation with the environment.

Part of the project builds on the already long tradition of cooperation between the fields of Architectural Graphic Expression in Spain and Italy, which have already resulted in several joint research projects. Such cooperation could be a basis for its extension to other academic fields of the countries involved.

In the all dissemination actions partners will promote the result of studies and the integrated activity that focus on the new perspectives of development of rupestrian settlement and cultural heritage:

  • Promotion of the environmental education, discovery of the naturalistic and cultural heritage among voluntary actions, schools, local associations;ù
  • Maintenance, care and enhancement of landscape and cultural heritage through appropriate planning tools;
  • Preservation of an harmonic rural space through the reintroduction of the spontaneous flora and the autochthonous plants in order to create urban and rural parks;
  • Promotion of sustainable activity in tourism, mobility, energy fields;
  • Rehabilitations of some settlements and caves for craft activity and artistic performances;
  • Landscape Ecology.

For all those reasons, the CRHIMA-CINP project is coherent with the purposes of the European Culture Programme.