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Cultural Rupestrian Heritage in the Circum Mediterranean Area

Common Identity - New perspective

Universitas Florentina



Knowledge, Conservation and Improvement of HAbitat RUpestrian MEditerranean

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Rupestrian Culture

Since prehistory, man took shelter in natural caves, competing for them against animals, or at least underneath rocky spurs, to protect themselves against the severity of the weather. The Palaeolithic man left important documentation of his parietal art in Spain and France...

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The project

The rupestrian habitat is a distinctive element of the Mediterranean landscape. It is made of structures excavated in the rocks and located from the Anatolian tablelands to the Egyptian deserts (Nubia), from Ethiopia to Tunisia, from the Balkans to Italy, France and Spain...

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Main intention of the project is the development of an intercultural and cross-cultural phenomenon which is the culture of living in a cave, with the aim to promote the similarities and differences between the involved populations. This is achieved by supporting their integration with joint actions...

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